American Cotton Tee

Our American Premium Cotton collection was made from the most premium natural fiber – U.S. Cotton. U.S. Cotton is harvested only once a year and takes lots of sunshine and water to grow. Tees made from U.S. Cotton are naturally soft, breathable, comfortable and moisture-absorbing. They are also very durable given the proper laundry care.


Made of 100% American Premium Cotton. Our cotton source and cotton fiber ratio of the product line has been certified by Cotton Council International (CCI), to guarantee its consistently excellent quality.


Thanks to the premium cotton material, this tee is not just ultra-comfortable and smooth, its shape will also last a long time wash after wash, making it an ideal everyday wear. Available in 10 colors.


If you are looking for a tee that is fitting, stylish, and most importantly, a tee that is made from premium cotton, our American Premium Cotton collection will bring you great satisfaction.
If you are interested in our American Premium Cotton collection, feel free to contact us anytime.