If a cheap price tag is all that you care about, 22evenTEE is probably not for you. While many corporate event tee makers emphasize on the low price, we strive to achieve the balance of high quality and affordability. We understand that some of you might think quality is not something to consider, as you think the tees would probably not be worn again after the company function or event. This common belief would, however, directly lead to unnecessary wastage of resources. Why not encourage your team to re-use the corporate event tees as sleep wear, undershirts, or even donate them to the community? We believe that no tee should not be worn just once, despite the fact that they were purchased for a particular event. Therefore, we do everything possible to maximize the quality of our 22evenTEE collection, even it was designed to cater needs for your corporate events and functions.


Made of 100% cotton. Seamless cut. Available in over 20 colors. Available in sizes for men, women and kids. And, as the name of this collection suggests, each tee is as low as $22 hkd.


We also provide custom printing service. Again, if you are looking for the cheapest custom tee in the market, we are probably not your ideal choice. However, if you also believe that the quality of any company event tees should not to be ignored, feel free to contact us for more information anytime.