If you have an active lifestyle or break into sweats easily, we recommend you to try our Sport collection, a 100% polyester tee designed for athletes. Though cotton can absorb sweat effectively, it is not the best fabric for working out. Cotton’s fiber structure is simply not built to wick the sweat away and leaves you with a sticky and unpleasant sensation.
Made in 100% polyester, our Sport collection is lightweight, moisture-absorbing, fast-drying and highly elastic, making it an ideal active wear. The hollow microfiber fabric moves sweat away from the body to the fabric surface, where it evaporates, to keep the skin dry and comfortable. Sport collection is a high-performance active wear that caters for the needs of athletes or anyone with high physical work or activity demands. Available in five colors.


Our Sport collection’s fast-drying micro-fiber fabric technology is completely comparable to the ones adopted by international sportswear giants, but all you need to pay is a fraction of the price. Isn’t it time to upgrade the tee uniform for your sport team?


If you are interested in our Sport collection, feel free to contact us anytime.